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KUKKI - ORIGINAL 150GR -10 -10

Bruto Weight/Berat Kotor : 200

With this cookie we want to portray our desire to provide a "real" healthy snack for everyone. Say you have a health condition that limits you to eat certain foods, but not with this cookie!
This cookie is literally safe for everyone: kids, breastfeeding mom, preggo mom, gluten sensitive, or vegan, whatever you are, you can definitely eat this cookie to satisfy your tastebud but also as a nutrition boost!
This cookie is also very fulfilling for those of you that are on the go, but don't want to give up nutrition for your body. We made this with love, and we hope you can feel it on every bite of this cookie!

Dairy Free
- High Fiber
- Gluten Free
- Home Made
- Egg Free
- Vegan Friendly


- Organic gluten free quick cook oat
- Natural almond
- Almond ground
- Balinese sea salt
- Organic coconut sugar
- Pumpkin seed
- Raisin
- Golden flaxseed
- Margarine
- Aluminum-free baking powder.